Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour in Malaysia 07 concert

I am back!!

Guess wad.. I went to this concert which I think it really worth the money!! haha.. To be honest, I am not a Jacky Cheung fan. In fact, I don't really like him so much.. haha.. But since my cousin and bro is going, I decided to follow..

So the journey begins here.. The 2 of us went back to JB last Thursday and head off to KL the next morning. Skipped Friday class.. lol. Reach there around 1 plus.. Went home to hav a rest and play Wii till my cousins came home. Then we went jogging.. As we r doing so many activities, we were somehow quite late for the concert. We planned to leave around 6 as we thought the concert will start at 8. But we end up leaving the house around 7.15pm. Bukit Jalil Stadium is not very far fr where we stay, Tmn Sri Hartamas.. and during this peak hour, as u all know, we end up stuck on the road, jam... EVERYWHERE!! arghh.. Now, we were really late..

We FINALLY reach the stadium around 8.15pm and quickly met up with my cousin's friends who were already there waiting for us with the tickets. Guess wad, Luckily the show starts at 8.30pm.. haha.. relieved. So, we went in together and sat down according to the seats given.. Not very near to the stage though.. But we thought it was OK as wad really matters in Jacky's concert is the sound/hearing.. not really the vision. lol.

Around 8.45pm, Jacky arrived on the stage and every1 screamed!! As the first few songs were those fast songs in his new album, which I don't really like it.. So I thought I won't enjoy it this time.. But after those fast songs, he sang some very nice songs, some of his unforgettable "oldies", which I knew and able to sing together.. haha.. I then were able to enjoy the concerts together with every1 around me..

After abotu 2 hours plus, the concert seems to come to the end. He left the stage but the fans kept shouting ENCORE.... as usual.. As 2 years b4, when I went for Andy Lau's concert, he did not came out for the encore.. So I thought mayb this time he won't turn out too.. But he did.. Suddenly the stage light flashed.. Then he reappeared and started singing his famous songs.. 11 encore songs!!! And all of them were GREAT!! The whole concert ended after 3 1/2 hours, which was around 12 midnight.. We headed home and I really respect this singing master since then.. lol..

Here is the list of 39 songs he sang tt night:
1. 爱火花 2. 头发乱了 3. 和好不如初 4. 听天由命
5. 一千个伤心的理由 6. 遥远的她 7. 只想一生跟你走
8. 走不掉 9. 饿狼传说 10. 摇摇 11. 讲你知 12. 给朋友
13. 在你身边 14. 红色 15. 屈倒病 16. 明天我要嫁给你
17. 天黑黑 18. 爱如潮水 19. 每天爱你多一点
20. 吻别 21. 忘记她 22. 是否在恋爱 23. 爱诗永恒
24. 男人本该妒忌 25. 你是爱我的 26. 一个人牺牲
27. 命运曲 28. 如果爱
29. 我真的受伤了 30. 离开以后 31. 心如刀割 32. 情书
33. 她来听我的演唱会 34. 李香兰 35. 蓝雨 36. 等你等到我心痛
37. 暗恋你 38. 月半弯 39. 祝福 

This is really a very gd concert.. Everything, every songs is still in my mind, so clear.. I like his songs more than before now.. :)

Signed off.. 

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