Monday, April 07, 2008

My Masterpieces

Update update..

After a few weeks of classes and studies, I present you all some of my art work. I should say I am not very satisfy with some of it, specially the portrait drawing one, which is my weakness and I don't find it nice.. haaha.. But as long as I get good grades, I am happy. So wish me luck. haaha

So here are some of them.. as request fr Ellen. LOL. Each of them are very time consuming thou..

Positive and negative images.
Tools: Charcoal, cartridge pad, pencil.

Portrait drawing + Newspaper collage
Tools: 8B Progresso, newspaper, glue, scissors, cartridge paper.

Mask (Back)
Tools: Industrial material only.

Mask (Front)

I will try to add in more if able. That's all for now, haha.
Do my best. Will work harder!

Take care!

Signed off.

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