Sunday, July 06, 2008


Its July and sem 2 was, is and will be ver BUSY!! Unfinish assignments waiting for me everday. Finally finished some but more and more new projects are saying "hi" to me. sigh..

Since its ur birthday, here is something for you. Ok.. This is m assignment, so I can;t give u this, but mayb I will do something similar for u next time when I am not tt busy K?! haha..

Photo session then~ Enjoy..

In the house.
[some rights reserved]

Other layers hidden under the first layer.
[some rights reserved]

Tada~ In the house, on the way to the train station, the station and in my class.
[some rights reserved]

This assignment is about my journey from home to uni. My first attempt in doing models like this and was quite happy with how it came out :)

Tts all for now~ Back to work. sigh

Signed off..


- p c b o n - said...

hey there dude,you doing okay?
hmm this is the first timee i see a triangle shape building/house..
isit applicable??
take care~

Anonymous said...