Monday, September 08, 2008

Word and Image: Organic

Ok.. Here is another project.. Word and Image: Organic. In this assignment, we can only use hand generated texture to create images of animal, which means painting using brush (traditional painting) were not allowed. sigh.

I tried my best not to make this HORNBILL into a CHICKEN.. It does looks like a chicken in some way to me.. dunno why... sigh.. Please tell me it looks like a hornbill!!.. Anyway, I use my fingers to create texture and tone on the horn and beak. As for the fur, took me so long... Its actually a texture of a leave. I havta cut it out individually and paste several layers on top of each other in order to get the dark black colour.

As for typography, we havta make our own display font using san serif/serif font. And that's the display font I made.. sort of.. haha.. I did something to the 'Natural' with correction pen, make it looks more natural.. As for 'Wonders', I quite like it.. :)

So this is my final design for this book cover assignment. I think its a difficult and time consuming project and its not as nice but ITS OVER!! yay...

Resting for tonight... Continue with MORE final assignments tomorrow.. sigh..

Signed off...


ley said...

To be frank with you, it doesn't look like a chicken. At first sight, I thought that it is a crested myna (八哥 in chinese). You know the black fur bird with yellow beak which is very prevalent in Malaysia?

JL said...

it does.. haha.. went to google it just now.. but obviously hornbill has coloured bill, right... thx anyway!
i cant believe i wont b seeing u off.. but i will see you during Christmas right? take care.