Monday, November 19, 2007

Graduated from UFY

Yes. As I said, I graduated from UNSW foundation course. Now, relaxing and preparing for the Tzu-Chi Vegetarian Charity Fair this weekend (25th Nov). Support Support!! Interested?! Text me in Cbox!!

Now, let the photos speaks for me... Enjoy! Photos of the graduation ceremony and (might be) last outing with UFY friends at Singapore Night Safari.

My brother and me

It's a CAT...

It's smooth and dry!!


Fr left: Me, Meishan and Steph.

The Malaysian!!!

A07PS! forever... and ever....

Our great Physician!! Dr Ven. lol
p/s He can calculate log without calculator!!

The Mens in A07PS.

Fr left: Julian, Charles, Pattra, me, Edith, Robin, Jin and Jonathan.

Me and Ellen.

Mr Song! and us.

The Retarders.. lol

Missed you all already!!

Signed off...

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