Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Class~

Sashiburi!!! Long time no c.. after a whole month of being abandon by me..

Yup, yup.. Was having my final examination now, and tomorrow will be the last paper!! yay. Tt's a good news.. But the bad news is its chemistry paper tomorrow.. haih. Tried to study today in sch.. Did sample papers. Just hope that everything will be alright tomorrow! As for previous papers, Everything was not too bad.. I think I did better than mock and Sem1. lol. Pray!!

Anyway, went to Mensa (fyi, its the best double-storey canteen in TP) for lunch just now. Suddenly found out tt it will be the last time i eat there.. haih.. Friday, which is our graduation ceremony (btw anyone wanna come? Its open to every1), will be my last day in TP I think as I might not be able to come back for the Dr. Linda Fang Mei Ling's Reading Bash for TP students. Will miss the teachers and friends here.. But I think most of us will still meet each other again next year.. right? PPL.. C u in SYDNEY then!! lol.

OK then.. I think tt's all for now.. Going home.. ciao

Signed off

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