Monday, March 24, 2008

1st Visit: Melbourne

Its Easter break.. Holidaying for 1 week.. But loads of assignments to be done this break. So its not really a break. haiz. However, was able to leave out all my work for a 4 days trip to Melbourne. Maybe I should say 2 days trip as 2 other days was taken sitting in the car.. lol

OK. So let my 2MP W850i cam show u my journey. As the pics are all taken by this not very gd hand phone camera, so the quality... ermm.. u know la... lol. ENJOY!

Edited map of Victoria: staying in a country club in Rosebud, went to Melbourne city on the second day of arrival, third day, travel around Morninton Peninsula, which include Portsea, Sorrento, Dromana.

Rosebud: Nepean Country Club Resort.

Melbourne City: quite well planned. Look at the Smart cars... such a waste stacking up like tt. lol

More of Melbourne city: The tallest building in the world which enable human travel between outer space and earth next to the eye of Melbourne (U wish... its a street lamp. Idea quoted fr anime: Gundam00)..

In Melbourne city: Proton?! Seems so close, yet so far. lol

Flinder Street Station: Oldest station in Melbourne city.

Melbourne city: Free tram fetching tourist around the city circle.

Melbourne city: $ for horse ride around somewhere near China Town.

Melbourne city: 墨尔本 China Town.

Sorrento: Ferry from Portsea to Queenscliff.

Portsea: Small little houses along the beach. Guess wad... to be continued...

Portsea: Most expensive real estate. AUD$66,000 (=RM200,000) for this small "nothing". lol

The last sunset in Melbourne. :(

So I think that should b almost everything. Hope u guys enjoy ur holidays and Happy Easter.
Take care!

Signed off.

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