Saturday, March 15, 2008

Regards from SYDNEY

Tadaima!! Its March 2008... and I have successfully ignored my blog for over.. 3 months?! lol... But I am back... finally..

So, how is everyone? Hope that everyone is doing well. I have been quite busy and the WIFI is not very stable, or I should say the Internet is slow as I think I finished the limits by downloading animes. lol. Anyway, I am fine over here. Actually I was not very use to it in the beginning as everything was so different from what I expected before departure. And I thought I will be able to cope with everything when I was on the plane with only friends and not family, but in the end, the first few days, as I said, is tough. But now, after a few days, in fact, few weeks, it's better.

I went straight for registration and enrolment after my arrival and it took me the whole afternoon. The uni is in the city, 15 mins walking distance from the Central Train Station. It will take 40 mins to get there from where I stay thou. The train fare is expensive too, AUD$37 per week. AND, UTS has no campus life. Classes are all over different buildings in the city but it is not very far from each another. Therefore, you will be walking in the city, around shops, and not classes or fields... Its a wierd feeling in da beginning. I have classes from Mon to Fri. The design classes were good but there are loads of projects and assessments to be done as there is no exams. So basically everything you do is counted as your final result. I will do my best!!

Everything over here is very expensive. Luckily I am staying with my aunt, so I actually save quite a lot. Having bread almost every lunch as my lunch break is only 30 mins.. except Thurs, 2 hours. Still, I miss local food. So I might need you all to bring me some local food and stuff if you all are coming. Haha.. Be prepare to bring a bigger bag. haha.

Anyway, gotta do my assignments already. Take care and keep in touch. Will try to upload some pictures of my recent work if able. Love ya all.

Signed off.


pc said...

study alone in 'outer space' is not easy..but atleast you have your aunt there,treasure this opportunity and keep on persuing your dreams,i think all of this is worth it!good luck to you:)haha

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