Friday, August 22, 2008

Colour Project

Finally, I finished making the forever unfinished project. It took me more than 1 week to make it. Although the final design was not as good as what I thought initially, it was still quite successful and satisfying.

Ok.. this is a project called 'Colour'. Basically, you havta make a 10 piece of design representing a certain colour.. and obviously, I chose the colour WHITE. Below are some photos of what I did. Enjoy.
Final outlook.

White is... the Bird's Nest stadium and peace.

White is... purity and surrender.

White is... doctor and milk.

White is... wedding and snow.

White is... the White House and clouds.

I think I did not too bad :). But I just think that why do I havta make myself so miserable every time doing so many things as most of my classmates are just using photographs to represent their colour. haha. Anyway, I am glad its over.. The FINAL assignments are still waiting for me thou.. sigh

Parents and bro are here for 1 week already. Seeing me doing my model, and when I finished making them, they are going back already... tomorrow... sigh. Anyway, we did a great celebration for our grandparents over here.. I believed they are very happy and enjoyed it as much as I did. Hoping for more gathering like this more often in the future!! Take care and see you guys in 1 month time.. wuhu~

That's all for now~ ciao

Signed off..

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