Monday, August 04, 2008

Updates + Contrast Assignment

Sashiburi... Sorry for the very LACK of updates. Basically nth much happen during my 1 week of study week break. Before the holidays, I went for a photo shooting session for my uni and got paid $50. haha.. That's quite a good deal actually. Became the model of 2009 haha.. During the holidays, I was sick. So, I did almost nothing. Havta catch up with some work now.. haih.

Anyway, this is another assignment of mine called contrast. You were given 2 opposite phrases and you havta make a design using the meaning of these 2 terms, focusing on the contrast of these 2 words. We actually havta, in fact, MUST make 32 different designs and choose one out of them. Sigh. However, I kinda like this 1 and was quite happy with the final product.

Yesterday I went to watch this movie with my aunt and cuz. It was not too bad. It's actually a musical movie or something like that. I must say the songs in this movie were AWESOME.. haha.. Maybe buying the soundtrack should b a better choice than watching the movie, if you get wad I mean. The movie was really not too bad.. haha

Ok... Maybe that's all for now. I will update soon with more of my assignments when its done. Not so soon, maybe around 2 weeks time.. haha. Looking forward to the arrival of dad, mom and bro.. :)

Take care!!
signed off.

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