Thursday, July 19, 2007

静思 智慧 爱 手语音乐剧

There are really 108 performers on the stage!! Last performance, 千手世界。 AWESOME!!

Me and my cousin.

KLCC Plenary Hall. Loved the white Grand Piano..

静思 智慧 爱 手语音乐剧 (tickets)

I hav been looking forward to this for quite sometimes. A sign language musical "Drama" (I shud say) which were held in KLCC Plenary Theatre on 15 July. It was an awesome performance. I believe that people in KL might hav already seen the news of this performance on Tuesday in da newspaper. (Did it come out in the newspaper?)

KLCC-wonderful ambient, wonderful performance by the 108 sign language performers fr JB, KL, Penang and other places, simple but wonderful decorations, wonderful songs, wonderful choreography... It was almost perfect... Felt so happy for them.

Apart of that, I saw many people who I haven't seen for a long time, Tien Wei "daddy" who was my Leader on the trip to Taiwan Tzu Chi, and many other friends. I think I saw Ting Cheng if I am not mistaken. lol.. Siyi, Jingyi.... Too many.. Its like a reunion and the whole show was simply just great.

Anyway, can't wait for the next performance. Hope tt I will b around to watch it. Good luck to all sign language performers. Did a great job!! C u soon?! lol

Signed off

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