Monday, July 09, 2007

Meaningful holiday

Holiday, finished..

My 1 week holiday ends yesterday.. Back to Singapore today.. But, I spent my holiday with very meaningful activities.. lol. For ur info, yesterday was Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation, JB Jing-Si Hall and Jing-Si cafe Grand Opening ceremony. And because of that, I hav been helping out with some decorations and designing stuff during the whole last week as for preparation for the grand opening. Doing charity indeed felt good.. lol..

I actually didn't plan to go Tzu-Chi everyday this holiday, and was actually planning to catch up with some friends and go for movies... Since SSI Ko-ko day, the only place I went was Tzu-Chi.. lol.. partly because:
1) All my friends are schooling and busy with their acad.
2) I am busy with Tzu-Chi things too
So, all my plans.. BOOM... no more.. But honestly I am glad tt I am able to help out with those things and tried my best to make the place looked more "graceful" I can say, lol.. As after a whole full week of "working", that place became simple and nice with bamboos, as the main deco items. Indeed, its not an easy task, and its tiring too.. All of us actually work together till night time, specially on Thurs and Fri, 11pm. But after all, its worth it.. When you c the final appearance, it felt good.. lol.. It really felt good..

And here it comes, the opening day.. Many Tzu-Chi members fr all over the place, Penang, Batu Pahat, Kelantan, Ipoh, KL, Singapore and others came to visit this new "home" and we took a "family portrait" together before we leave.

Although its a tiring week, but its meaningful, tts for sure. Now that we've got a new cozy home, let the past b past, brighten the future with more care and love towards everything and everyone. 知足,感恩,善解,包容。Its a new leaf for Tzu-Chi JB. Good luck.

Signed off...

*p/s: people, Tzu-Chi JB is now having a Master Zheng-Yen's Photography Exhibition at our new home for this whole month. Please feel free to visit.
**p/s: Photos of the new renovated look of Tzu-Chi Jing-Si Hall, JB will b upload later. Dont hav it with me in Singapore.

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