Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Simpsons

Yesterday was quite fun. It was Mei Shan's birthday and 8 of us went to Cathay for "The Simpsons Movie". Mei Shan bring along her 1-day-old teddy all around Singapore and took pictures of it at several places. Lol.. We were almost late for movie as we left late fr sch as some of them are playing ping pong. ISH.. Waited for about an hour or so... Then we missed the direct bus to town... Wada...

But the movie was not too bad... The purpose of the movie is just to laugh I think. You will simply just laugh alot. And there is some people beside us laugh over things that are not very funny... Tts abit annoying thou.. lol..

Nth much to say bout the movie liao.. so signed off..

p/s: Sorry Jon, Steph, Pattra for not playing badminton yesterday. Hope you guys hav fun.

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