Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter

Finally, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is out.. ermm.. Shud say it's out for quite some times already, but I only got to watch it yesterday night at 10pm-1230am. LOL..

How shud I say. I think it was not too bad, although my bro said it wasn't very nice. Mayb there were less funny part than all the previous HP, but the action part was not too bad. Harry's godfather, Serius Black died in this episode. And there is this idiotic *asifsheisgreat* lady who became the headmistress for sometimes.. she is damn mean. Don't like her. lol. Felt sorry for Choo Chang and loads more to tell.. It is not easy to squeeze a 700+ pages novel into a 2.30 hours movie. Think it this way and u will feel that this movie is rather impressive.. lol However, compared to the book, the book is still better.. That's for sure as almost all novels are better than the movies, right?!

I don't think I shud say more as some ppl might still haven't watch it. (Or am I very slow ledi??) haha. Anyway, I do find some of the parts funny.. The students (Dombledore's Army) have to shout out their spells while applying them but the "adults" can simply just wave their wands and everything just came out.. lol. And the translation of the spells in chinese are funny.. haha

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