Sunday, July 01, 2007

SSI Ko-ko Day

After 1 week of stressful exam week, I went back to my sec sch, SSI to meet up with all my old frens on Saturday (30/6), the 2007 Ko-ko day.. I dont really kno how to express my feelings when i got back there and saw all those memories... Nice.. Although I used to dont really like SSI, but its strange that you will actually miss all those things, people, teachers, clubs and society, everything in tt old sch.. lol.. Met up with soooo many friends.. ahhhhh... Good to c them again.

Prepared myself early in da morning and went to Sheau Tian's house to wait for Bryan, the driver.. haha, seriously his driving skills are good, but scary.. lol.. Reached sch around 9, jam, as SAB, our neighbour sch was having their open day at the same time.. Bryan parked his purple car right in front of the sch gate.. lol.. As if we were those VIP.. haha.. Just in time, we managed to see our juniors' foot drill competition performance.. Guess wad, St John is STILL no. 1 in sch.. haha.. Relieve.. haha. As wad Leong said in his blog, most of the time all of us gather at the "chicken stairs" (tangga ayam.. lol) chatting, looked for food, seeking old memories and friends.. Also saw so many people wearing those t-shirts that I designed.. Felt so good.. haha. It was a wonderful time.

Chinese society(CS) was still selling our traditional stuff, bubble tea. Yea, I hav sell it for 5 years and finally dont havta shake the bottle anymore!! lol. Tiring u kno, when it comes to almost 600 hundred cups in just 3-4 hours. haha.. And still CS is the most popular stall among all others. Heard that they sold more cups then last year.. Mayb is a good news.. haha.

After submitting another t-shirt design(SSI swimming club) to the person in charged, its time to say goodbye.. haiz.. Good time is always short. Followed Liyi (a upp 6 friend who lived next, next... next to me..) home..

Friends, keep in touch, hav more gathering like this, dont lose contact!!

Signed off..

*p/s: Will upload some pics after Leong and Jiani sent me them.. heez..
**p/s: Tried out a new game fr the internet, quite challenging.. Currently at level 33, . click here [bloxorz]

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