Monday, August 20, 2007

1st experience - Night life

Indo Chine Bar at Club Street. My glass of empty Vinto Terino..

This drink of my cousin tasted like cough syrup.. lol

Megan busying trying out her phone cam at night. Nice ambient thou.

Drinking from an orange?!

Night view of The Fullerton Hotel.

OK.. Here is some updates. Few of my cousins and friends came to stay with us in Singapore last Friday. Yea, we gave them a map, called them at 4.30pm and they hav reached City Square, JB, crossing over the custom, so we thought they will like arrived soon. Then we waited and waited, they finally reached at around 7pm +. LOL. Not lost, but jam.

Very hungry, we went to the nearer place for dinner, Crystal Jade, Tampines Mall. lol.. Ermm.. quite ex thou (S$110++) for a set dinner for 6 ppl. But quite gd. Then we went home and rest. Yup, the story ends here. Nooo.. We went out of course, in da midnight. LOL.. I suppose it's my first time going out at 12am. We went to pick up another friend of ours and went to Clark Quey. Katak di bawah tempurung betul... Never know tt there will b so happening. I mean i kno, but I nvr seen it myself. So we walked, enjoying the scenery, the breeze.. Then decided to find a not so crowded place for some drinks. So we found this bar opp the Bank buildings. Not too sure where it was thou. haha.. Then we settled down and ordered something. The band was not bad, but they finished their last song and left just as we sat down.. ||| Before we order, the waiter asked for our ID. So I gave him my Malaysian IC and he took quite some times looking around the card and couldn't find my birthday. So he asked: wad year are u born? I said: 89. He started counting but it just took too long.. My cousin then told him i am 18 but he still kept on counting, like 89, 90, 91, 92... 06, 07.. And finally returned my IC. LOL.. OK.. So we drink and chat and had some fun. Waited for at least about 1 1/2 hours so we can drive back.. Made a detour to Geylang coz they are quite curious bout tt place but we were all sleeping in the car already when we reached there so mayb only the 2 front seated ppl saw wad Geylang's like at night. haha.

The next day, every1 woke up quite late.. around 10am.. lol.. So we went to eat something before we head to Vivo City. Bought a Map so we kno the way.. haha.. But actually Vivo has not many things to c.. It's like Tebrau City, Mayb Tebrau City has more things thou.. lol.. Went to Bugis for Mos Burger before we crossed over JB as my cousin missed Mos burger since our trip to Japan few years ago.. And yea, I think tt's shud b all..

So friends, I kno some of u are having holiday this week. Do visit me here in Singapore if u guys are free.. haha.. I will try to meet u all.. haha... FYI, my holiday is next week.. yay!!

Signed off..

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