Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3. Great?! Not too bad...

At last.. I hav watched Rush Hour 3. It was simply hilarious, specially Chris Tucker. He washa awesome. Haha.

As we didn't manage to catch the movie yesterday night (no more night movie for rush hour), we decided to watch it this morning at 11. It was really "rush hour" for my bro and me this morning thou. We woke up quite late then went out for breakfast at around 9 plus. Then we havta clean the house before we go out. So this made us really quite late.. We rushed to the bus stop and the buses took ages to come.. ||| When we arrived the terminal, we rushed to Tampines Mall and bought the ticket. We thought we were late for the movie but apparently we were not, in fact just in time. LOL.. Simply find a place to sit down as it was quite empty. lol

OK. The movie was not too bad. Funny.. Action.. lol.. But I thought they can make it better. Mayb make it longer to explain everything properly. As there are some part where they skipped some details, specially the ending. They danced and the end.. huh?! ok.. lol... Anyway it's worth it. The behind the scene was funny too.. lol.. Ex: Lee: you r not my bro, Carter: after all these things we've gone through together... Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2.. haha.. Gd 1 Carter. lol.

After movie, we went to hav lunch. But I wasn't feeling quite well after breakfast (guess it's the teh-C, haha), so I ate nth and walk around TM before bro went to work. Headed back and here I am, blogging.. lol

So tt's all for now.. ciao..
Happy Holiday!! (frens @ UNSW) lol

Signed off....

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