Monday, August 13, 2007

YES 93.3 张栋梁-王子 校园音乐会

Nic singing the last song.

Being interview by Pei Fen (93.3 DJ).

Looking for 3 princesses who will be able to go out for dinner with him tomorrow.

Presents fr fans before leaving the stage.

独自一人孤军奋战 模糊的未来
我是孤傲的王子 做我的故事
用泪稀释的往事 渐渐消失
我是孤傲的王子 优雅的固执
用我倔强的方式 尽情放肆...
--王子 张栋梁

WOW!!! YES 93.3 张栋梁-王子 校园音乐会, 13/08/2007, 6.30pm at Auditorium 1, Temasek Poly. GREAT CONCERT!!

Today, we finished our physics lab quite early as Dr Ven allows us to bring the lab sheet back and do the calculations and hand in on Fri. So we were able to leave early, which is a good thing as we needa go for this concert. Guess wad.. We arrive the Auditorium around 4.30pm and the queue was SOOO long tt it already reached the 2nd floor staircase above the auditorium.. Wada.. And we thought we will be very early and get good seats.. ||| And we sit there for ermm... 2 hours.. haha.. Then went into the auditorium.

The concert actually started late for 10 mins I think. While waiting for Nic to get ready, Pei Fen gave out a lucky prize, which is a Nokia 5700. LOL.. Lucky no. 331 printed on the concert ticket got the phone... Then he finally came out.. Wearing quite casual as u can see fr those low quality pics above. Sorry for tt as it was taken by my phone.. I havta lower down the mega pixel in order to zoon.. so... haiz.. Ok.. His first song, obviously, 王子, then, 陌路, next, 如果, finally, 错了再错. Sad.. only 4 songs.. I think he was a bit sick as he kept on drinking while being interview by Pei Fen. lol.. But his songs, voice... everything... AWESOME... lol.. Worth waiting for 2 hours plus.. lol.. But in the end our encore was unsuccessful as he didn't come back.. lol..

So... wonderful time sure flies... The 1 hour concert ends so fast... The auditorium is once again empty.. The few of us went to hav dinner together after tt and went home...

Never regret going to this concert.. Hope tt more singers and artist will "visit" us at Temasek Poly before I leave.. lol

Signed off..

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