Friday, August 03, 2007

Week 31 of year 2007

Fionna Xie came to my sch today!!

Hoho.. Finally I am back with new post.. lol.. Sorry for the late updates recently.. I might not be able to updates as frequent as usual nowadays as uni life is getting busier and busier..

Ok.. Updates bout this week.. Hmmm.. 1st of all, the 2 Physical Science classes have merged into 1 starting this week. The new timetable is almost the same as the old 1(for PS2), so everything is under control.. lol.
Monday: Jon's birthday, we went to the Top Table(a 5-class restaurant in TP) for lunch and gave him a surprise celebration.
Tuesday: Normal.. >< Wednesday: Funny.. It was Steve's birthday, we all acted as if we don't remember it and brought the cake out at the end of the day, + smashed an egg on him.. protein for his hair.. lol. Thursday: Tiring. 5 of us had badminton after class. Good game, but really tiring. Today!: Maths was canceled as our poor Mr. Lee has diarrhea. Get well soon.. We then went for a library training, so useful!(and the scenery-Bedok Reservoir up at level 9, TP Library is awesome) Fionna Xie came to our sch for the "Hey! Gorgeous!" show. Didn't stay back for the live show though.. haiz..

So.. tt was my week 31.. But we now have so many research to do.. Acad Eng has so many things to do!! Seminar presentation in 3 weeks time. (Good luck to: Stef, Ellen, Steve for the SP next week) Other than tt, we hav a 1000 word long essay to do. Research on energy efficient in future cities. Things are getting harder now.. Try my best ba!! Anyway, Mon no sch as new batch coming in, orientation for them.. lol

Signed off...

p/s: Welcome to UNSW Asia School! New batch of 30 students coming in next Mon.. *dunnowhystillgotstudents* lol

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