Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Classroom = Badminton Court

Good-bye... haiz... didn't manage to get the tickets..

Hmmm.. sad tt we will not b able to hav badminton for the coming 4 weeks!! And I even brought my rackets here ledi.. Its stupid... When I tried to book the badminton court online today, the schedule was fully booked till 13 Sept, not booked by students playing, but some stupid (and funny thou) things, such as:-
1) This week: Changing of lights at the sports complex... ok... Then
2) Next week: Maintenance of lights at the sports complex.. WTH?!
3) Following few weeks: Sports complex is made as the exam hall for TP students!! Wada...
Hello... TP is SO big why will they need the sports complex for exams?! Then wad are the classrooms for? Play badminton?! Mayb we shud do tt.. LOL. Coz its hard for me to finally set my mind tt I wanna exercise at least once a week and now everything just ruin... haha.. (for those who kno me well, I am not really a sports person mar) lol...

Ok.. mayb tts not very sad lar.. haha.. Anyway, Zhang Dong Liang is coming to Temasek Poly!! I dont care how I am going to get the FREE tickets tomorrow at 12 (but I hav comp Lec).. haha.. He will b having his so called "concert" in our auditorium (which is not very big).. lol.. And I tried to get the tickets on Wednesday, bloody TP students 1 person holding a stack of student cards (for ticket exchange).. so I failed... Cannot go... sob sob.. (edited on Singapore National Day 09082007)

Next Tues onwards, our chem tutorial and lec will b taken care by an UNSW Sydney campus lecturer for 2 weeks.. And Mr Tai MH make fun of us today by saying tt he will ditch us after this week.. He said he will not teach us anymore after this week.. And we were really ermm.. I can say shock and depress as after the closure of UNSW Asia, we were afraid tt mayb those lecturers will just ditch us [as we hav changes of teachers for Maths and English( for awhile)]and we dont wanna tt to happened again. Still, he made this kinda jokes.. But luckily it was really just a joke.

Hmmm.. seems tt there is nth much to say d... So I might go hav my lonely dinner now.. (Ellen dont laugh)

Signed off..

p/s: Sorry for the unorganized post..

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