Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Decision Making

No doubt, I didn't manage to do well in my mock.
(1) Didn't revise fully, not prepared enough..
(2) the news, prob...
(3) the illness..
But still, I am glad tt some of them I actually did quite well.. which means I only havta concentrate more on those topics which I am poor at it..

Got back Eng and physics.. Eng was ok.. but Physics was.... dont wanna talk bout it.. and dont ask bout it too.. Getting back computing tomorrow, which I am kinda looking forward to it as I think I did well in my practical.. And chem.. which I think I will just die.. Why?!
(1) not fully prepared
(2) weak as its the next day of the illness.. lol.
And somehow I feel tt the chem teacher obviously was not happy with my result. During chem lab today, he was always picking on me lar.. I kno I did bad, but I didn't wish to do so too wad.. The thing he said tt made me real pissed off was: Jon, I think u choose the wrong partner.. Wada... do he havta insult me like tt.. But honestly mayb I am in the wrong 1st as I disappointed him?! So mayb this made us fair?!

I am seriously thinking tt do I really wanna do this? Especially after this exam... 'This' as in doing this physical science foundation, which might not b any useful in the area of my study (architecture or so) in the future.. or shud I just withdraw and go Syd and restart on design foundation?! The things tt hold me back are the friends here and the time wasted... And I heard tt the design foundation was not easy too.. lol

Still finding the correct path... Decision making.. haiz
Signed off..

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