Monday, June 04, 2007

Mock Exam

This very morning.. Not very welcoming morning... Couldn't sleep well last night... haiz..

As I said in my previous post, before my sem 1 exam, I will be having my mock exam, which is starting TODAY.. Not very worry about today's paper, still, afraid of anyway. haiz.. As for tomorrow's, died.. Seriously, I really don't understand some of the topics in physics.. I think the only sub tt I am quite well in is the computing pracs.. lol.. But, i didn't do well in last week's practice.. Probably being affected by the news of the closure of my uni..

Yea.. No doubt that this news really WILL affect our studies, and RESULTS as it came in such a bad timing. So, the uni has decided to postpone our sem 1 exam a week later, which makes it to the 25th June.. This is helpful thou. Hope that every1 will be able to concentrate on studies in these few weeks time.

Ok.. gtg.. Gotta prepare some stuff and head out to campus.. Wish me luck.. God bless...

Signed off..

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