Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Numerology One-Year Forecast

bored.. Tried out another numerology forecast thing.. lol.. hmmm... To b honest, it seems to know something... lol.. Take a look.. but dont hav the long version.. Needa buy.. lol.. But I think this is long enough.. lol.. Those in coloured.. I think are true..



Your 5 Personal Year

During 2007, welcome new situations, friends and activities. Make the most of all the excitement and adventure that comes your way but be sure to keep some balance and a sense of proportion. Enjoy your family and friends, both old and new. Also enjoy romance and some sensual activities. Take advantage of travel, socializing and creative job and career opportunities. You often may feel that you're living essentially on a day-to-day basis. Conditions may seem unsettled much of the time. Concentrate on controlling the restless and impulsive side of your nature so that you don't hold back any of the potential inherent in your many freewheeling opportunities. Be careful not to scatter your energy. Guard against any irresponsible actions. Stay away from constant pleasure-seeking so you don't end up frustrated, with only a little achieved in a year with such glowing potential.

Be prepared for an important change in a major area of your life. You probably will find it easy to let go of the old and make room for the new. If you make the change happen, think it out carefully so that you're in a position to take full advantage of the shifting tides. If, on the other hand, a change overtakes you, flow along with the altering conditions to get the most out of it.

Monthly Highlights For 2007

The Personal Year is an important yearly influence. This influence, though, is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis each month. Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into account, too, when considering the best approach to take to each month's events. Monthly highlights for 2007 are given next, followed by detailed descriptions for each month.

Some startling business possibilities with good financial potential may develop in March. A new change or adventure may begin in May (UNSW closed down), complete with travel and excitement. Lots of creative people and activities highlight July. Be careful not to take on too much. There may be more going on in September than in any other month this year. Take stock of your accomplishments in November and prepare for next year (mayb I will b able to do well in the finals..lol HOPEFULLY).

JUNE 2007

Your 11/2 Personal Month

Although your endeavors will continue to move ahead, the pace is likely to be somewhat slower than last month. An occasional holdup or work stoppage probably also will occur, possibly around June 5th or 9th (coz of my mock exam disgusting results?!). Accept these temporary delays. Don't try to speed things up or you may unwittingly disrupt a critical schedule. While you're waiting for your own ventures to get back on track, offer your assistance to friends or associates who need a helping hand. Be as patient as you can be with your own and others' work. If you're tactful and diplomatic, it will be a lot easier to handle misunderstandings or frayed tempers. Enjoy your children and socializing with special friends this month. On or about June 13th, make the most of any opportunities to meet new friends. The pleasures of love and romance also may come your way. Be extremely sensitive in all your personal relations. That sensitivity also may allow for some spiritual insights leading in new directions, particularly on June 18th.

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