Thursday, June 07, 2007


Yesterday was awful... Yup. I hav computing exam yesterday, which I think I did quite well.. hehe.. But I was so ill... Since early morning yesterday..

Same as Jiani, Jiachang... Who also hav stomachache few weeks ago...I think.. lol.. Mayb is a virus spreading thru net to bloggers... or ppl to with "J" in their name.. lol... (But for me, stomachache is normal ledi, as I always hav stomach probs since young...) But no choice, I havta go to take my exam.. (as tts my only confident and scoring subject) lol... Went to toilet several times, even in the campus.. (people really know me will kno tt I dont like "doing business" in sch) haiz... Bought lunch, but din finish... Sad, wasting food... Evil.. (if Lucy's there, she will starts: how can u waste food, look at the African people, they.....) I dint mean to, seriously... But I was quite lucky coz during tt 1 hour computing practical exam, I was fine.. lol...

Went home after that.. take out my maths, started studying... HP rang, my bro sms me saying he will b having company dinner, so I will havta eat myself... Decided to cook some porridge as I am not feeling well... Never thought that after dinner it will be worst... Is not stomachache, is 胃 got problem... Vomited almost everything out... feeling cold and weak.. haiz.. Never feel so unwell for a long time ledi.. Din do much questions eventually, then went to bed... at around 9!! lol..

Decided to go c doctor today.. If is serious... Feeling abit dizzy.. haiz... Couldn't take the maths trail paper.. Why.. Its always at these wrong timing.. Anyway, gotta study chem, if I can..

GOOD LUCK for ur maths today, and chem tomorrow..(which I will die) ppl...
* heard tt is quite hard..|||

Signed off..

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