Friday, June 08, 2007

Tzu Chi Organization

Hmm... Exam is finally over.. I mean mock.. Haiz.. Sem 1 EXAM in 2 weeks time.. Phew...

Back in JB.. Dunoo wad to do.. lol.. Suddenly feel that I wanna share this very nice place, to those people who I tried AND already invited them to go several times, but none of them hav been to.. lol... The TZU-CHI Organization, JB Jing-Si Hall(静思堂)...

The Jing-Si Books and Cafe

The Entrance..
p/s me and my mom wrote tt calligraphy artwork.. :)

The Grand Out-look of the JB Jing-Si Hall

The Cafe's Counter, Reading area, and Cafeteria

The temporary design of the Jing-Si Hall
Till now is still renovating thou.. Will update with the pictures with the better look in the future...

The only bad thing about back in JB is the internet.. When u are use to the REAL high-speed broadband fr Singapore, JB high-speed is like.. Tortoise lar.. lol. Therefore, to upload these pics took me ages... as its 10MP for each photo.. lol...

Kk.. Enough I think.. lol.. Signed off..

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