Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Sinful City -- Johor Bahru

Woke up very early today, around 6.30am. lol.. Very tired. Dragged my body and went downstairs. Preparing to go out to hav breakfast with cousins who came fr KL. As they are staying somewhere near town, Perling, the forever JAM place, we havta leave early (although the breakfast was at 8am). lol..

Parents are already outside waiting for me, then we found a pair of old rugged slippers, in front of our doorsteps. 1st we though mayb dad wore the wrong shoes back fr meeting yesterday night, but the shoes he wore to the meeting were there too.. So, the 2nd thoughts came to mind was, theft. We quickly open our shoe shelf, 4 PAIRS of expensive shoes (2 pairs of Nike, 1 pair of Camel - 1 WEEK old, 1 pair of Reebok) were gone. Total lost, roughly RM800. My precious limited edition Nike, GONE... FOREVER.. and somemore i washed it myself yesterday, changed a pair of new shoe laces... Sad.. Which also mean tt stupid slippers belongs to tt idiot..

Mayb we r in the wrong too.. Shouldn't hav left those expensive shoes outside.. But, honestly, I really think tt this is not a safe place anymore.. Open the newspaper everyday, 8 out of 10 news are robbery, rape... Don't they feel sorry or sinful doing things like tt.. NO.. They are just a bunch of BIMBO* "kampung" idiots... Disappointed. But what keeps our police busy?! wow.. they are really busy man.. busy standing in front of the traffic lights, ask for money.. Disappointed again.. Tt's why, we don't feel safa anymore, especially in Johor Bahru..

Mayb is really time for us to set up some alarm system as this is no more a trustworthy society.. Wake up ppl.. go back how we used to b.. A peaceful, harmony society...

Signed off..
* BIMBO -- poor peple

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